What's Included In The Chef Shots Membership:

A Four Module Online Course That Will Dramatically Shortcut The Path To Transforming Your Cell Phone Photos From Dull To "Droll-Worthy!"

(Valued at $197)


PHONEtography 101

I kick off the course with an in depth review of both types of Smartphone Camera Operating Systems Apple & Android.

We'll Cover:

  • How to get Perfectly Sharp Focus

  • The difference between multiple lenses & which one is the Best for Food!

  • How to Properly Use Portrait Mode (Apple) & Live Focus Mode (Android)

  • How to capture those To-Die-For Live Action Shots!


Light Skills

Next, I'll pull back the curtain on the Single Most Important Ingredient of Photography, period.

We'll Cover:

  • How to ROCK Natural Light like a Pro!

  • How to fix images that are too blue or too orange... before you shoot them!

  • The difference between Hard Light and Soft Light... and how to create this on your own!


Icing On The Cake

Next, I'll pull back the curtain on the Single Most Important Ingredient of Photography, period.

We'll Cover:

  • The easy way to organize and share photos from your phone!

  • The difference between Editing & "Photoshopping"

  • Insider Editing Tips that take less than a minute and Make a HUGE difference in the quality of your photos!


Dead-Plates to Hot-Cakes

In this module I'll reveal the most Catastrophic Oversight happening before your dishes even leave the kitchen!

We'll Cover:

  • How to take Photos that Captivate your audience!

  • The best angles to use for social media

  • The secrets that Pro's use to compose the "Money-Shots!"

FREB-background-6-Final copy.png
The Money Shot System

Composing the "Perfect Shot"

Usually comes with years of practice &

A Lot of trial & error...

This helps you get the Perfect Photo, Every-Time! Kind of like training wheels, for photography!

( you can skip the trial & error part!)

(Valued at $37)
Annual Content Planner

The Live 365 Content Creation Planner is designed to

Rid you of the headache that comes with Social Media Strategy!

(Valued at $37)
The Social Media Secret Sauce

Social Media shouldn't be SO hard

to keep up with...

That's why I built the Social Media Secret Sauce, to teach you how to produce:

One Month of Content

from One Single Dish...

( you can finally move "Catch up with social media" off the back burner!"

(Valued at $37)
Editing Essentials

I pull back the curtain on the number One tool used by professional photographers, Lightroom

the industry standard for photography excellence!

(Valued at $97)
The Picture Perfect Plating Guide

To help ensure you're choosing the right plates and teach you the food styling secrets used by every pro food photographer!

(Valued at $37)
The Filter Cure

A power-packed

Lightroom Mobile Training &

Food Photography Preset Bundle

that will dramatically shortcut the path to making

Your Food Photos Sizzle!

(Valued at $97)

Our FREE Resource Membership is Full of thoughtful resources designed with Food & Restaurant Photography in mind to help you create Stand Out Imagery, in a world flooded with content!

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